The team


Alain Teixidor

2002 -2004                   Head-coach de R.C.Narbonne (the French first division)

2000 -2002                   Head-coach, Trevise-BENETTON (The Italian first division)

1994 -1999                   Head-coach, first team of USAP (the French first division)

In 1989 Alain was charged by the President of USAP to put into place a new project to ensure the future success of USAP by 1955 USAP had not won any competitions and were always at badly placed in the league. Working with a team he worked with the under 19¬ís to a more modern approach to rugby  and success followed through with the senior team in 1998 when USAP played Paris final for the Champion of France  and  the semi final of the Heineken Cup


Renaud Peillard            Player from Northampton and USAP Perpignan